John Torelli - Jersey Small Arms Gunsmithing
Established 1982
501 Ireland Ave. Millville NJ 08332

The "Back Page" is a firearms showcase presented for your information and enjoyment.
The pictures do not represent guns for sale, nor am I offering them for sale.
Click on a picture as they are linked to detailed information pages.
Remember, shoot safely and responsibly.

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  Hopkins & Allen Ranger No.2 Taurus PT22 Raven Arms P25  



  S&W Escort Model 61 Grendel P-10 Colt 22 Pistol  



  S&W Model 39 Glock Model 23 S&W Model 649  



  H&K Model USP Glisenti Model 1889   ParaOrdnance P14 Kit Gun



  KelTek Sub 2000 Volunteer Enterprises Mark 45



 Bushmaster XM15  


                            Magnum Research Lone Eagle
                Lone Eagle

                             SCCY  CPX2                     Altor Pistol                                Standard Mfg Switch Gun

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