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Kel-Tec Sub 2000
Semi-auto Rifle
Caliber 9mm/.40caliber
capacity of 10
1997 to Date


The basic Sub2000 as shown below is available with several magazine
options.  This example uses most Glock 9mm magazines.  Other versions
can use S&W, Ruger or Beretta magazines. It's important to decide which
variation and caliber you want before buying a Sub2000.





This view shows some of the more useful options available. The stock 
extension adds about an inch to the rifles length. The Hogue rubber
slip-on grip and the Pearce magazine thumb rest extension make the feel 
of the rifle more comfortable and secure. The
Samco Tactical Light mount 
holding a
Surefire G2 high intensity light attaches to a Picatinny rail 
availble from KelTek Industries. Be aware that KelTek's Picatinny Rail
requires quite a bit of modification to the forend for it to install properly,
 but that tactical light is real handy at night.





Here's a ready to go Sub2000 with two extra 10 round factory 
Glock 9mm magazines. The original version of the Sub2000 was 
slightly different. The grip housing itself could be replaced to 
accomodate the magazine of your choice and the safety was a
lever like that of the M16 series, now it is a crossbolt button like
you may find on a shotgun. It also has been available in an Olive
Drab color at various times,but I have never actually seen one.





This is what sets the Sub2000 apart from most other carbines. In it's stored position it
folds in half and can be locked with a key to prevent it's deployment. The carbine is not
able to fire when folded, but can be opened and locked into firing position faster than I
can explain it to you. Rack the cocking handle on the bottom of the tubular stock to
chamber a round, push the safety button to the right and start firing. There is no bolt hold
open when your magazine is expended. A soft carrycase fits the folded carbine and is
about the size of a notebook computer case, only thinner and lighter.







There's more good information here:



KelTec CNC Industries, Inc.
Cocoa FL 32923
United States of America
Telephone: (321) 631-0068


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