John Torelli - Jersey Small Arms Gunsmithing
501 Ireland Ave. Millville NJ 08332

Open 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST, but please call before stopping by.

(Updated May 28, 2024)

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Basic Shop Services Guide:

Minimum Service Charge - $30.00 button Handgun Sight Installations - $40.00 (average)
Gunsmith Cleanings - $60.00 Average button AR-15 Assembly (average) - $70.00

Scope Mounting w/Bore Sighting - $35.00 - $65.00 (Drill & Tap) button Shotgun long forcing cone mod - $65.00 (per barrel)
Shotgun Bead Sight Installations - $30.00 button Sling Swivel Installations - $35.00 (average)
Recoil Pad Installations - $50.00 (add $15.00 to cut stock) button NJ Compliance Mods - Brake Pin $35, Stock Pin $15 (average)
button Transfer from out of state sales - $45.00 includes NICS button NJ Compliance Mods - Mag Blocking $17

Other services available upon request. Prices are for labor only. Parts, test firing, return shipping etc. is extra, of course. 

Repair Information:  It is perfectly legal for you to ship a firearm to a licensed repair
center and have it returned directly to you once repairs are completed.  Be sure to read the
shipping notes below before sending off your gun.   This shop has been fully licensed for
43 years and can accept your work.    If requested, a copy of my FFL can be emailed to
you, printed out and presented to the shipper if they have any questions.

Shipping Notes:
01) It's illegal to use the US Post Office to ship a handgun unless you are a licensed dealer.  
02) FedEx, UPS or any other common carrier is fine.
02) Rifles or shotguns CAN be shipped through any US Post Office without special license.
03) Do not mark on the package that it is a firearm.  
04) If necessary, tell the carrier that the package contains a disassembled and broken firearm for repair.
05) Be sure to get a tracking number to keep the shipment from getting lost or stolen.
06) Address your package to:  John Torelli  501 Ireland Ave.  Millville  NJ  08332

Be sure to provide me with your Name, Address & Phone Number and include a note as to
what you want done.  I routinely get packages containing broken guns with no return address
or identifying information.   Please understand that I get dozens of calls and emails every day
inquiring about parts and repairs, so do not assume that just because we discussed your gun a
week or two ago that I know that this particular gun is yours.   I need a Name, Address and
Phone Number or it will substantially delay repair and return of your firearm.