Model 1889 Bodea
Italian Service Revolver
Caliber 10.35mm
capacity of 6
1889 through the late 1920's





Although this specimen was manufactured c.1922 the clear plastic grips are of unknown origin. The standard grips were
of checkered wood. The Glesenti's were not manufactured in a single factory, but were made in small gun shops all over
Italy. This created the interesting situation of a wide array of manufacturing processes. Some Glisenti frames were of brass
while some were of forged steel and still others were of cast. Some were reportedly made with copper plates that had been
brazed together. One variation had a folding trigger and no trigger guard. Regardless, the Glisenti was still being used by
Italian troops in World War Two! The profile of the revolver is typical of the late 1800's, with its rounded, oddly angled
grip and very large hammer. It was loaded via a rearwards opening gate on the right side. Empty cartridges were shoved
out of the cylinder with the ejector rod. If necessary, the cylinder was removable by pulling forwards on the large cylinder
pin and dropping the cylinder out towards the right.





The lever just above the grip on the left side is actually just a screw. Turning it clockwise lifts the side plate out of its recess
exposing the revolvers lockwork. The Model 1889 is a double-action only design and despite its less than sophisticated
construction it could put a large chunk of lead in its target quite accurately and was durable enough to last more than sixty
years in military service.





  The folding trigger version of a Glisenti 1889 with Octagon Barrel.  

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