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 Raven MP25/P25 Information Page 

Raven Arms P25/MP25 & Phoenix Raven


►  Page updated: August 15, 2021 
With all due apologies to my customers I have decided
to discontinue sales of Raven parts.  My entire inventory
has been sold.  I will link to the new source once
he's up and running.

I will keep the illustrations below available
for reference if your interested.

Thank you,
              John Torelli                               

       Identification of P25 Slides.


       Identification of grip types.

There were three styles of grips.
The safety determines the type.
Note the cut outs on their tops.
The top left image is the original First Model.
The middle image is the Old Model.
The New Model is shown far right.
The New Model is illustrated in the     
above parts diagram.  
Grips are sold in pairs unless otherwise noted.

Variations in factory grip styles.


The Black Pearl Grip at the top left is for a First Model P25 and is the only
example I have ever seen.  Most First Model P25 grips were white pearl.
The Walnut Grip second to left was commonly found on Old Model P25/MP25's.
Next is the very controversial and rather rare Pink Pearl Grip on an MP25.
The Black OEM Grip to the far right was used on late model Raven Arms
MP25's and also on some Phoenix Arms Raven pistols.  The Phoenix Arms
Raven is identical to the Raven Arms and the parts are interchangeable.

The one unique feature of the Phoenix Arms Raven pistols is the magazine
disconnect incorporated into the last ones they produced.  The right grip
of these pistols has a cutout for the disconnect spring (Part 129) which is
necessary if your going to keep the spring in place.  These grips can be used
on any Raven even if it never had this spring.  The picture below shows the
grip on the left with the cutout and a standard grip on the right.


Differences in Safeties

At the top is the Raven First Model Sliding Safety.
In the middle we have what is commonly referred
to as the Old Model Safety and at the bottom is the
New Model Safety.   The safety is the most
distinguishing identification of the Raven pistols.

I initially thought that there were only two variants to the
Raven triggers.  The bottom one from the First Model and
the top one found on everything else.  I was wrong.  I've now
identified 4 different triggers that will not interchange with
each other without modifications.  All of which can be found
on the identically named Raven P25.  Makes parts searching fun.

Trigger #1 is from a First Model P25.  It is rounded, has a
solid bottom and the disconnector (Part 119) is square at the

Trigger #2 is from an early Old Model P25 and has a fully
open bottom exposing a much thinner spring, a shorter ledge
in front of the pivot hole and a flat rectangular area at the top
rear.  The disconnector has a rounded front area at it's top.

Trigger #3 is also from an Old Model P25, but has a half
open bottom with a larger spring and a pronounced round
bump at the top rear.  Seems they went back to the squared
off top with the disconnector.

Trigger #4 is found on later Old Model P25's all the way through
the Phoenix Raven series.  It has a solid bottom with the larger 
spring and a rounded top on the disconnector.   The ledge on the
top front is also noticeably longer and some are slightly beveled.

Magazines common to the P25/MP25.

Pictured above left is an original Raven Arms marked magazine in blue steel.  
These were also made in chromed steel as seen below.  Most Raven magazines
had no markings on them at all.  On the right is an original Phoenix Arms
Raven magazine.   These magazines were available in chromed steel as well.  
Phoenix Arms Raven is identical to the standard New Model Raven
pistols and all parts will interchange.
  Below, on the far right, is the
"Safety Notice" found on some "newer" magazines.  You can right click on the
picture and select "View Image" to see a larger version.

A Raven magazine I've never seen before recently came my way.  The back of
the body is stamped with the Raven Logo and "Raven Arms 25 ACP."  It has the
newer style magazine follower and may be the first attempt at marking the
magazine bodies.