Jersey Small Arms Gunsmithing - John Torelli
Established 1982
501 Ireland Ave. Millville NJ 08332
(This page updated April 13, 2016)
"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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Cumberland Riflemen Gun Cleaning Seminar 

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.... Grendel P-10 .... Raven P-25/MP-25 .... H&A "Ranger" No.2 .... S&W M39  ....  S&W"Escort" ....
Glock 23 .... Glisenti 1889 .... H&K USP45 .... KelTek Sub2000 .... Volunteer Enterprises Mark45 ....
Bushmaster XM15 .... ParaOrdnance P14 Kit Gun
.... Magnum Research Lone Eagle

Trained by Modern School of Gunsmithing in Scottsdale Arizona, I offer over 34 years of experience dealing in the shooting
disciplines common to the North East.    Located in Southern New Jersey where shotguns are required for White Tail deer and small 
game hunting, I'm well acquainted with most of your scattergun problems.
  Out of the hunting fields the handgun is widely used 
here for home defense, informal target shooting and NRA sanctioned competition.    As a competitive bullseye shooter, I have 
experience in a wide variety of revolvers and semi-auto pistols.   Military weapons and obscure and unusual guns of the past
have always been one of my favorite pursuits.  
If your doing some firearms research drop me a note, I may already have the 
information you need.    Anyway, my thanks for stopping by and remember:

Safety first, last and always.

This site was developed to help gun owners safely use, maintain and research their firearms.  
The Tips page provides the most generalized help information.
The Events Page is used for items of interest or occasional announcements. 
The Back Page is a thumb nail format with links for specific guns to pages containing photographs,
excerpts from factory manuals, parts availability  and other information.
This site is kept as current as my work load permits and I do keep up with my email. 
If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.

"If you own it, it might as well work. You may need it,
even if you only need it once."

Protect your guns and your right to keep them.  
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United States Senate
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